NAME ___________________                                                DATE ________________

State the assignment objectives:




How does your painting meet the assignment criteria?

List the vocabulary words learned:

Describe what you communicated about yourself in your painting:

In what ways was your painting successful?

What have you learned or what will you try next time?

Grade your painting:          
Use of the principles of  composition ________
Use of impasto to show line, value, and movement ________
Effective use of color (required color scheme) ________
Craftsmanship (painting technique) ________

Fig. 16 
Student Solution: Self Portrait

Fig. 17 
Student Solution: Self Portrait

Fig. 18
Student Solution: Self Portrait


Sandi Hammonds is a National Board Certified Teacher in Early Adolescence/Young Adulthood Art with 40 years of teaching experience.  She was a member of the writing team for the Virginia Standards of Learning in the Arts and has worked extensively on visual art curriculum for Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia.  She is a teaching artist for the Kennedy Center Partners in Education and an adjunct at George Washington University.  Sandi is a painter and printmaker and her studio work involves research into the artistic/cultural connections of indigenous peoples and their land. Her current artistic focus is on Mexico, Central and South America and the related social and cultural issues, which she expresses through her paintings. 

This unit was developed as part of the 1998 UMBC grant program: Mexican Art and Culture in an Intercultural Perspective.